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[Study Notes] 請不要再點「按讚才能看全文」的網頁 [Copied] 2011-4-13 2:04am, zzzxxxooo
請不要再點「按讚才能看全文」的網頁 真心的奉勸各位,以後再看到那種「按讚才能看隱藏內容」的網頁,絕對不要再按了!因為那是「偽裝成讚的授權按鈕」,你的個資會被盜走,或許你認為你是無名小卒所以個資被盜無所謂,更可怕的是你的 Facebook 帳號會變成垃圾訊息散播的跳板,那就不妙了...。 那些文章其實也都是網路上盜來的,真的想看內容的話,請把文章標題複製到 Google 搜尋框,你會找..

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Section:電腦 | Read:2297 | Comment:8 | Rating:100%

[Study Notes] The query optimizer and Last_query_cost [Original] 2009-11-18 12:15pm, cherry
MySQL uses a cost-based optimizer, which means it tries to predict the cost of variousexecution plans and choose the least expensive. The unit of cost is a single randomfour-kilobyte data page read. Y..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:903 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] Speeding up [Original] 2009-11-10 12:54pm, cherry
Not all ALTER TABLE operations cause table rebuilds. For example, you can change or drop a column’s default value in two ways (one fast, and one slow). Say you want to change a film’s defa..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:889 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] testing MySQL Cluster [Original] 2009-11-9 3:22pm, cherry
MySQL Clustering in a Sandboxhttp://www.databasejournal.com/features/mysql/article.php/3819061/MySQL-Clustering-in-a-Sandbox.htm MySQL Cluster Sandbox - pre-defined packageshttp://www.severalnines.co..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:866 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] How MySQL handles errors during trigger execution? [Original] 2009-11-4 4:22pm, cherry
MySQL handles errors during trigger execution as follows:     * If a BEFORE trigger fails, the operation on the corresponding row is not performed.    * A BEFORE trigger..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:3017 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] potential problems of Stored Programs in MySQL replication [Original] 2009-11-4 4:19pm, cherry
18.6. Binary Logging of Stored Programshttp://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.4/en/stored-programs-logging.html However, there are certain binary logging issues that apply with respect to stored programs..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:599 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] Disadvantages of mysql stored procedures [Original] 2009-11-4 4:17pm, cherry
• MySQL doesn’t provide good developing and debugging tools, so it’s harder towrite stored code in MySQL than it is in some other database servers.• The language is slow and prim..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:3921 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] spider data sharding and replication [Original] 2009-10-22 5:20pm, cherry
A. what is spider? (extracted from spider document) 1. Spider Storage Engine creates table links from local databases to remote databases.   Spider makes available tables in remote MySQL..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:2342 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] MySQL cluster summary [Original] 2009-9-17 10:57pm, cherry
MySQL Cluster features Overview:• MySQL Cluster is a technology that enables clustering of in-memorydatabases in a shared-nothing system.• MySQL Cluster is designed not to have any single point of fai..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:1812 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] MySQL Cluster Performance [Original] 2009-9-1 3:40pm, cherry
MySQL Cluster has a very different impact on the concepts of response time, throughput, and scalability than a normal single-system, disk-based database, such as MyISAM or InnoDB.   Response ti..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:1293 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and FOUND_ROWS() [Original] 2009-8-26 11:58am, cherry
SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and FOUND_ROWS() can be useful in situations when you want to restrict the number of rows that a query returns, but also determine the number of rows in the full result set without..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:5241 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] optimize MIN() and MAX() [Copied] 2009-8-25 11:58am, cherry
MySQL doesn’t optimize certain MIN( ) and MAX( ) queries very well. Here’s anexample: mysql> SELECT MIN(actor_id) FROM sakila.actor WHERE first_name = 'PENELOPE'; Because there’..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:2176 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] how to calculate open file limit? [Copied] 2009-8-23 11:39am, cherry
每打开一个MyISAM表,就需要使用2个文件描述符,咱们来验证一下MySQL如何计算打开文件数。 一、试验 从手册的"6.4.8. How MySQL Opens and Closes Tables"可以了解到,每打开一个MyISAM表,就需要使用2个文件描述符,咱们来验证一下。 1. 重启mysqld /etc/init.d/mysql restart 2. 看看打开了几个文件 lsof | g..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:2478 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] 輕鬆自行下載youtube各種格式影片 [Original] 2009-8-19 3:32am, say123
之前寫的youtube下載程式不能用了,上網查一下才發現youtube網頁又修改了,以下提供新的下載方法:首先開啟影片(以http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HkXjUxWW74為例子) 進去後開啟網頁原始碼,然後按下ctrl+f收尋以下字串 (fmt_url_map),之後把後面雙引號包住的那一長串url編碼文字複製下來,這些就是下載網址了:"34%7Chttp%3..

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Section:小小蔡 | Read:3506 | Comment:1 | Rating:0%

[Study Notes] Tools for sharding [Original] 2009-8-18 11:33am, cherry
(high performance MySQL 2nd Ed. Page 417~432) 1. MySQL proxy http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/MySQL_Proxy HSCALE - Horizontal Scaling for MySQLhttp://hscale.org/display/HSCALE/Home HSCALE is a plugin w..

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Section:MySQL DBA | Read:4267 | Comment:0 | Rating:0%

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